Group exhibition of Ibero-American artists REMOTE SIGNALS curated by Pau Waelder
Exhibition OPENING: 19.00 (right after the talk). Exhibition remains open until the 20th March (opening hours 15-19, on Sunday 12-15 )
Place: project room (1st floor), ARSi maja

Content: most of the art we see and experiment today arrives to us through a screen. Some artworks have been created precisely for this type of distribution: they inhabit the network and feed from it, offering us a vision of a world immersed in a constant flux of information. These works thus become remote signals which allow us to discover the reality of a distant geographic zone, as well as to re-examine our own. This exhibition aims to present in Tallinn a selection of new media artworks created by artists from Spain and Ibero-America that offer visitors a view of our globalized society by means of current digital technologies.
Participating artists:

Clara Boj & Diego Díaz [ES], Daniel Canogar [ES], César Escudero Andaluz [ES], Gilberto Esparza (MX), Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet [EE/ES], INTACT Project [CL/ES], Néstor Lizalde[ES], Rafael Lozano-Hemmer [MX/CA], Félix Luque & Íñigo Bilbao [ES], Moisés Mañas [ES], Tiago Martins & Justyna Zubrycka [PT/PL], Joana Moll [ES], Brisa MP [CL], Mónica Rikic & Lucía Segurajáuregui [ES], Mario Santamaria [ES], Román Torre[ES], Pablo Valbuena [ES], Ricardo Vega [CL].

The events take place in the frames of Iberofest cultural festival organized by the Spanish Embassy in Estonia (
Organizers of the two events are artist duo Varvara & Mar (
Supporters: Spanish Embassy in Estonia, Tallinn City Culture Department, Varvara & Mar OÜ