Meta(data)morphosis, Or Gallery Berlin

Or Gallery Berlin
Featuring Heini Aho (FI), Timo Bredenberg (FI), Emma Holten (DK), Ryan Maguire (US) & Mario Santamaría (ES). Curated by Søren Rosenbak. Part of Jaw Versus Eye Attack - 3rd JVEA annual event.

In essence, metadata presents us with a rich frame around a blank canvas, a space with ample room for interpretation, misinterpretation, miscarriage of justice, etc. An inherently irrational human intervention will always enter this equation, respond to the metadata frame, and thus render a distorted portrait into a temporary proxy for truth. How can we make sense of these ever-shifting digital shadows that social media, corporations, intelligence agencies, individuals etc., constantly draw from server farms from around the world? In other words, how do we respond to the power of metadata and its speculative qualities, the elusiveness, the lack of control and apparent meaning? Metadata pervades our lives in both trivial and profound ways. We know that a lack of response is essentially a submission to this very fact. How do we then deal with this dynamic? Do we experiment, resist, play along? This is some of the questions explored in the five works on display. While all the works engage with the process of meta(data)morphosis, they do so in highly different ways, employing a wide range of tactics and sensibilities.

Søren Rosenbak