To Whom It May Concern. Bass and Reiner

April 4 - May 8  2015 - Group Exhibition. San Francisco, US

Bass and Reiner gallery is proud to present To Whom It May Concern,curated by Cléa Massiani,and featuring works by Alyssa BlockJon GourleyLe Kolaj, and Mario M. Santamaría.The exhibition addresses the absurdities of miscommunication, false connectivity, and delusions surrounding the dissemination of information in modern society. To Whom It May Concerndiscloses the greeting of the self to aninfinite number of unknown recipients. Translated through collage, sculpture, works on paper, and installation, the exhibition conveys the enigmatic and eclectic relationship such a statement may imply. Words and images usually present a unified fiction, but any confrontation of multiple narratives inherently leads to misunderstandings, negations, or simply voids any dialogue. This exhibition aims to address the status of intimacy versus desire and catharsis versus expectations through explorations of the relationship between artistic production and an audience.