Group Exhibition - ME, ME, MIRROR - The Ha'Riviera Gallery. Bat Yan, Israel

2.10.2014 - 1.11.2014
The Ha'Riviera Gallery, Bat Yan, Israel

ARTISTS: Song-Ming Ang, Helena Dietrich, Idan Hayosh, Helmut Heiss, Corina Künzli, Talia Link, Martin Kohout, Luca Pozzi, Sarah Oberrauch, Mario Santamaria, Yiannis Pappas, Ria Patricia Röder, Christian Schwarzwald, Hubert Scheibe, Ztohoven

curated by Kathrin Oberrauch & lecture by Eugenia Lapteva

„Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?“, asks the Queen in the classic fairy tale Snow White. Gazing into the beguiling mirror, she awaits her answer with excitement. In cultural history the mirror represents vanity, lust and narcissism, but also recognition, awareness and truth.

Today we watch ourselves not only in mirrors, but capture those images with digital cameras and smartphones. Self-observation and self-criticism have become preoccupations reserved largely, if not entirely, for the world of social media. We shape and re-shape our self by altering our virtual image in the eyes of others. We‘ve become our own virtual avatar in a digital universe.

The exhibition ME, ME, MIRROR revolves around the question of the self (re) presentation and the works of 15 selected artists expand and exceed the issue. The Self is becoming something malleable, it can alter from image to image, it looses it‘s static state and is absorbed in an endless process of transformation and becoming. The artists aim to connect cultural, religious, political and ideological contexts in new digitally produced images and thus creating a sort of new utopian human re-presentation.


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