Righted Museum | Review in artnet

A Tumblr Chronicles Google Art Project Copyright Fails


Righted Museum is an ongoing project of Mario Santamaria, a new media artist who has worked with the Google Art Project before in a series called “Running Through the Museum,” which depicts what it is like to move through a virtual representation of a museum at the highest possible speed. Another Google Art Project piece by Santamaria in the form of a Tumblr blog, “The Camera in the Mirror,” catalogues various times that the Google Street View camera has captured its own reflection in a mirror—a kind of unintended self-portrait—while photographing a museum.
In documenting these blurred paintings, Righted Museum is creating a record of every time freedom of information has failed. The ultimate irony, of course, will be when the blog gets a cease and desist order from Google for reproducing their copyrighted images. Until then, we’ll be busy guessing what these blurred masterpieces might be.