SQUARE EYES Dublin | The Market Studios | 30.05 | 2013 | 7.30pm

Screenings of experimental video (art) in The Market Studios, Dublin on 30th May and also at the CAZ project space in Penzance, Cornwall.

Square Eyes – Dublin’ involves the screening of international and regional video art by CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone) and reciprocal screenings by partner-spaces around the world. CAZ provides a space for artists to exhibit work, reach new audiences and network locally and internationally.

‘Square Eyes – Dublin’ will feature works selected by artist/curators Redmond/Murphy (Dublin) and Ian Whitford of artist led space CAZ, Penzance.


Steve Nice
Angela Darby & Robert Peters
Charlie Deadman & Kerrie O' Brien
Philip Condron
Adamski O Gibahney
Andrew Benson
Stephanie Golden
Lynda Phelan
Kevin Ryan
Mario Santamaria
Jonathan Mayhew
Francis Fay
Áine Belton
Sarah Lundy
Thomas Parx

For more information about CAZ and SQUARE EYES: www.cazart.org.uk.
For more information about The Market Studios: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Market-Studios/83691744457